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Producer, Videographer, Editor: White Nose Syndrome is a fungal disease that is quickly wiping out the bat population in the eastern United States. Bats are integral to the ecosystem, and without them, no one knows what will happen. This is a look at how White Nose Syndrome has spread, how many bats it is killing, and what researchers are doing to prevent further spreading and to find a possible cure.


Producer, Videographer, Editor: Kaelin Vernon is a farmer’s son. With his dad, he ran a 20,000 cattle operation for a few years, but after a while, the stress of big farming got to him. Vernon left and bought his own five-acre farm in Plano, Kentucky. Their little farm is growing, though, in its own way.

Vernon has two farmer’s sons of his own, Elijah and Amos. With the help of his wife, Heather, they have grown to 17 sheep and about 200 chickens. They spend most days at home, but still have to work jobs in town to make ends meet. They hope to be able to quit someday soon and live off their farm.



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Producer, Videographer, Editor: Land, Loss and Love: a 175 year-old story.



Producer, Videographer, Editor: This story is about my grandmother, who after 61 years of marriage, had to learn how to live alone. She remained strong and independent during the last two years of her life. My grandfather would be proud. This video is dedicated to her memory.


Producer, Videographer, Editor: In the surgery wing named after her late husband, Nedra Thomas has been putting smiles on children’s faces for over two decades. Thomas began making sock monkeys to give to kids to calm them down before their operations; this project grew over the years and she has a small team of volunteers to help her now. The group has become like a second family to each other, looking out for one another during sickness and loss. They were brought together by the monkeys, but their relationship has become so much more


Producer, Videographer, Editor: Betty Bundy lost her husband over three decades ago. When that happened, she asked God, “What next?” Her latest project is a community garden where juvenile offenders can complete community service hours.

Corresponding article and production assistance by Daniella Diaz.