The Girl Who Couldn’t Hear

Shyanne Anthony just turned 18, but she has been an adult for most of her life. Because of her mother’s disabilities and stints in and out of jobs, Shyanne did most of the duties of raising her younger sister. Then, in fifth grade, Shyanne lost most of her hearing. It took two years for the Anthonys to find out what was wrong. Shyanne gets by in school, but doesn’t have many friends. “Nobody wanted to be friends with the girl who couldn’t hear,” she said. Four years ago, Shyanne’s mom, Shannon, gave birth to twin boys whom Shyanne has acted as a parent to. “You’re like my mother,” Shannon said to her teenage daughter. The Anthonys live in Bowling Green, KY. This story was shot in the spring of 2012.

Shyanne Anthony eats alone at Bowling Green High.
Shyanne lost her hearing in fifth grade and has a cochlear implant that has helped her regain some of her hearing. She is pretty good at reading lips, but has a pretty hard time communicating with most people.
Shyanne tutors a deaf child.
Shyanne tutors a deaf child.
Shyanne tutors a deaf child.
Shyanne holds her brother’s hands.
Shyanne exits her house to play with her brother.
Shyanne cooks dinner for her family.
Shyanne watches as her four-year-old twin brother slide down the stairs in their house in Bowling Green, Ky.
Walt, 4, stands on a chair and makes a face about not getting something he wants from Shyanne while their mom does dishes on the other side of the room.
Shyanne does dishes in her family’s kitchen with only light from the window because her family was behind on the electric bill after her mom recently lost her job.
Shyanne plays with her brother.