Vermont Birds

These images were taken on Mount Mansfield, Vermont on September 13 and 14th for a project for the PBS NewsHour. The project will not be published for a while, so I wanted to post my edit from that trip here. I went to Vermont to photograph scientists who study migratory birds. These magnificent birds fly from Canada to Puerto Rico without stopping. The scientists set up nets; capture, examine and band the birds; and then write down all of the details about each one. Here are some of my favorite images from that experience.


A warbler is held by one of the scientists.


The sun rises over the peaks of central Vermont.



Bill and Chris set up a net.

73A warbler is caught in the net set by the scientists. It was quickly released from the net, examined and banded.


Bags containing birds are tied on a line near the scientist’s work station.


Bill examines a warbler’s fat content by blowing on its chest fur to see any stored fat underneath the skin.


Two of the scientists wear headlamps while examining birds.


One of the scientists takes notes while examining a warbler in his other hand.


Tools used for examining and banding the birds.


Chris climbs up from a location where he and Bill set up a net.