WKU Public Media

From January to December 2014, I was the staff multimedia producer/photojournalist for WKU Public Media (WKYU).

For WKU Public Radio, I shot and edited photos and videos which I published on the website and social media accounts. For these, I gathered the footage and audio myself, including interviews. I researched and pitched stories myself and completed assignments from reporters. I also edited reporters’ photos. I shot behind-the-scenes photos of reporters, especially during pledge drives, for the website, social media accounts, and archival purposes. I also shot promotional photos of our pledge gifts.

For WKU Public Television, I shot photos of the crew behind the scenes and notable guests who visit our studios for our social media and archival purposes. I learned how to operate the cameras, including the Canon C500, and was a videographer on multiple shoots. I was a camera and production assistant.

Click on screenshots to open links to each project:

I accompanied the TV crew on three shoots to different bourbon distilleries and gathered these images, which I published on the WKU Public Radio website.
I created this short documentary from start to finish about White Nose Syndrome and its devastating impact on the bat population and overall ecosystem of the eastern United States, as well as the people involved in researching the disease.
I created a photo gallery and wrote a corresponding article about the making of a horror film. A WKU film student wrote and directed the film titled, “The Milkman” about a milkman in the 1950s who kills his customers.
Here is a gallery of images I shot of the arrival of a NASA Jet to the Bowling Green Regional Airport.
I photographed the promotional gifts for our pledge drives. I also took photos of our pledge drives behind the scenes for our social media accounts.
I shot a gallery of the Center for Courageous Kids Camp in Scottsville, KY. The Center for Courageous Kids in Scottsville, Ky., hosts nine different summer camps at no cost to their families. They welcome up to 128 children each week who suffer from a different illness. The Center for Courageous Kids is a non-profit medical camping facility that has been open since February 2008. Since then, they have hosted over 16,500 campers from 40 different states.
I shot and edited this video about a group of hospital volunteers in Leitchfield, KY who came together to make hand-made toys for children surgery patients, but have become like a second family to each other.
I photographed a local summer camp for children who want to gain kitchen skills.
I shot and edited this video of the Glasgow Highland Games Celtic Festival in Glasgow, KY.
I photographed and built this gallery of images from a graduation ceremony.
Here is a gallery of images from a gathering of vintage car owners.
I researched and took photos of events around WKU’s campus for sexual assault awareness month.
Behind the scenes photos of the WKYU hosts and reporters during the fall 2014 pledge drive.
Behind the scenes photos of the WKYU hosts and reporters during the fall 2014 pledge drive.